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BWCA Entry Points

BWCA Entry Points (with entry numbers) that we use along the Gunflint Trail

sunrise on lake

45 Morgan Lake (1 permit per day). Start your trip off with a one mile portage through a beautiful forest of white and red pine, balsams, aspens and some rolling terrain. Morgan lake is secluded enough for a day trip of paddling and fishing or an overnight trip heading to Jake and then Vista. You'd continue your trip to Horseshoe, Caribou and exit via Lizz to Poplar lake. A moderate to easy route.

47 Lizz Lake (4 permits per day). Smaller lakes, shorter portages, good area for base camping, moosey area, old growth pines, fishing for walleye, smallmouth bass, northern pike. Easy route.

48 Meeds Lake (3 permits per day). Longer portage to get into an area more off the beaten path, island campsites, fishing for walleye and northern pike. Moderate route.

49 Skipper Lake (2 permits per day). Longer portage to get in to this chain of lakes. Good for a few nights seclusion or a longer trip continuing on to Long Island and exiting through Cross Bay and Ham lake. Moderate route.

campfire50 Cross Bay Lake (3 permits per day). Smaller lakes, shorter portages (some rocky terrain), moosey area, fishing for smallmouth bass, walleye, northern pike. Great route for a few nights or if you have more nights you could do the Frost River and exit via Tuscarora and Missing Link to Round lake. Easy to challenging route.

51 Missing Link Lake (5 permits per day). A moderate trip of portaging and paddling into some fabulous lake trout lakes. This entry point will get you away from people.

52 Brant Lake (4 permits per day). A series of small lakes and ponds and shorter portages eventually leads to Bat and Gillis lakes, trout and northern pike fishing. A moderate route.

54 Seagull Lake (11 permits per day). Great lake for a short trip of basecamping or if you have more days you can head over to Alpine and then decide about heading west to Jasper and Ogish or north to Red Rock and circling out through Saganaga. Fishing for walleye, bass, northern, and lake trout. Easy to moderate route.

55 Saganaga Lake (17 permits per day). A large lake with numerous campsites, Sag is the starting point for many trips heading west toward Red Rock, Knife, Quetico park, or east toward Sag Falls. All species of fish in Sag. Motors are allowed on Sag by permit.

57 Magnetic Lake (3 permits per day). Part of the historic border route, this trip leaves from our beach and heads north. Includes portages around rapids, a study in wildfire ecology and geology as you paddle. Fishing for smallmouth, northern pike, walleye and some lake trout. You can exit at Sag or basecamp on Clove and come back out the same way, paddling back to our beach. Moderate route.

walleye58 South Lake (3 permits per day). Part of the historic border route, this trip traverses a Height of Land at the Laurentian Divide. There really is no elevation change on this portage. South lake is a fantastic smallmouth bass lake so makes for a nice basecamp trip. You can continue on your trip heading east to Rose lake, taking in Rose Falls as you head up the Stairway Portage to Duncan lake. The Border Route hiking trail intersects this portage so a detour to a scenic overlook makes for a nice rest from the portage. Easy to moderate route.

60 Duncan Lake (3 permits per day). Smaller and Medium lakes make up a nice travel route. Explore the area of Duncan and Rose lakes and exit the way you entered or paddle back to Gunflint heading west from Rose lake to South, North and then Gunflint Lake. Easy to moderate route.

61 Daniels Lake (1 permits per day). A lake for base camping and trout or smallmouth fishing. Just a few small campsites on this lake. A day could be used to hike the spur trail intersecting the Border Route hiking trail. Easier trip.

62 Clearwater Lake (3 permits per day). Paddle along this lake and gaze at the towering cliffs. Several campsites on this lake or you could choose to portage up to Mountain lake which is a MN/Canada border lake, or head east from Clearwater to West Pike and East Pike. More secluded due to the ½ mile portages, but worth it!

64 East Bearskin Lake (4 permits per day). Smaller lakes, mostly all short portages. Walleye, smallmouth bass and northern pike fishing. Johnson Falls requires crossing the famous Pine portage. It's some uphill going both directions but the waterfalls are worth it. A few smaller lakes, Pierz, Crystal, Spaulding will get you off the beaten path and the sites are cozy for 1 tent.

66 Crocodile (1 permits per day). A base camping trip in search of walleyes, there is one portage into this lake. It's long and skinny with varied terrain, beautiful to explore.

80 Larch Creek (1 permits per day). A good entry for spring trips or when the water is at a decent level, a few logs and beaver dams to pull over, the twisting and turning of the creek opens up into Larch Lake. There are 2 campsites on this lake, a short portage into Clove lake offers 3 sites. The area is known for walleye, smallmouth bass and northern fishing. You can exit the same way you came in, or head back to our beach by portaging a few times, taking photos of Little Rock Falls, and hopefully seeing some loons and other small wildlife.

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