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Complete Outfitting- Packages for both new guests and returning guests

Our complete canoe trip outfitting includes everything you will need for your trip, except for your person gear (clothing, toilet kit, rain coat, flashlight, bug repellent, and fishing tackle, etc). Over the years we have tuned our equipment up so you have everything you need, but you will not be stuck with additional bells and whistles to carry around.

Gunflint Paddle RackOur tents are light weight nylon and always sized for one more person, so you have a little extra room. Our packs are custom made to our specs, made of Cordura nylon, with just the needed pockets and straps (others try to impress you with fancy packs with extra straps and pockets and all that does is give you more weight to carry around), simple easy to use cook kits, PFDs with three buckles, and your choice of paddles. One additional feature of our packs is that they are color coded for your convenience when reaching for something- your personal packs are one color, the equipment packs another color and the food packs are insulated and yet another color.

We use canoes made by Northstar, Wenonah and Souris River- three of the best canoes for the Boundary Waters. Each canoe comes with a comfortable carrying yoke. Our Royalex canoes are Wenonah and our Kevlar canoes are Northstar and Souris River. We stopped using aluminum canoe many years ago, since they tend to weigh more and make more noise.

In addition, we provide you with all maps, a complete trip orientation, transportation to and from the appropriate landings, car parking during your trip, and free overnight accommodations before and after your canoe trip. Hot showers are complimentary before and after your trip.

Our menu is second to none, since we have an exclusive contract for Camp Chow foods, which is made locally. We order it needed, so there are none of the preservatives found in most of the other brands of foods used by other outfitters. Camp Chow offers big portions, tasty new entrees, and we get gluten free or vegetarian meals as needed. This food costs us more but we are proud to be able to offer it. We will send you our menu ahead of time and you can pick any food you like and in any quantity, so that you are fully satisfied. We will have it packed and ready for you when you arrive. In addition to the Camp Chow meals, we offer a variety of fresh foods for the first day or two of your canoe trip.

Pots & Pans on Shelves at Gunflint OutfittersWhen you overnight with us coming and going, you might be interested in having your meals in the lodge dining room. Gunflint Lodge serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in two dining rooms. The Red Paddle Bistro for a cold libation and lighter dinner choices such as huge hamburgers, walleye chowder, deli style sandwiches, and many salad choices. Breakfasts and lunches are offered from a complete menu and are big and hearty. At 5:30 p.m. six additional dinner entrees of the day are presented, including beer battered walleye (our house specialty), a steak, a chicken entree, a pork dinner and a vegetarian offering. The dining room serves non-stop from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Additional activities here at Gunflint are our riding stable and the Towering Pines Canopy Tour. You have this extra opportunity to treat yourself to something special coming and going if you would like to include another highlight feature in your trip.



Fully Outfitted BWCA Adventure Canoe Trips for new guests

Complete Outfitting with Royalex Canoes

Complete Outfitting with Kevlar Canoes

Two night/three day canoe trip $320.00/person

Two night/three day canoe trip $350.00/person

Three night/four day canoe trip $420.00/person

Three night/four day canoe trip $450.00/person

Four night/five day canoe trip $500.00/person

Four night/five day canoe trip $550.00/person

+$25 for each additional night

Fully Outfitted BWCA Adventure Canoe Trips for returning guests
arriving before June 14

Four night/five day canoe trip $225.00 per person Four night/five day canoe trip $250.00 per person

Fully Outfitted BWCA Adventure Canoe Trips for returning guests
arriving after June 14

Four night/five day canoe trip $320.00 per person

Four night/five day canoe trip $350.00 per person


What is Included in a Completely Outfitted Trip through Gunflint Northwoods Outfitters

  • Map of your route per party, additional maps will be $8.00 per map

  • Royalex canoes (with portaging yoke system located in the center of the canoe for one person to carry the canoe) weight around 65 pounds

  • Paddles and PFD vests

  • Quetico/Superior Packsacks - one personal pack per person plus all needed packs for equipment and food they are also lined with a heavy plastic liner

  • Eureka Tent - we size the tents according to the number in your party and always leave you some extra room

  • All meals, snacks and beverages - we pack from your menu selections and then add a bit extra for you

  • Sleeping bag - we have large rectangular with full zippers for the extra tall person, or lighter mummy bags for the warm summer nights

  • Therm-O-Rest pad – full length

  • Tarp – one for under your tent - ground cloths and one for hanging - dining fly's

  • First Aid Kit

  • Cook kit, plates, cups, utensils

  • Coffee Pot

  • Fry pan or Griddle - whatever you would like

  • Dish Soap, scrubby, dish towel - bio-degradable soap

  • Hot pads

  • Rope pieces- to tie up your tarp or for a clothes line

  • 50' Bear rope - so you can hang your food pack for bear protection

  • Matches

  • Toilet paper - we buy "green", which is 95% recycled

  • Propane stove and fuel

  • Shovel and saw

  • Water bucket

  • Bunkhouse stay for your first night at Gunflint Northwoods Outfitters (your party will be the only ones staying in that bunkhouse.)


Some items to remember to bring along that WE do not provide

  • Fishing gear

  • Water purification

  • Head lamps/flash lights

  • Also this package does not include any meals at the lodge while you are staying with us here on property. Your first meal for your canoe trip will start on LUNCH 1 of your paddling day.


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