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Recommended Personal Gear

The following are general guidelines . Please adjust as the (hot/cold) weather dictates and the length of your trip.

Clothing Recommendation #1 - NO COTTON. It is extremely heavy when wet & it takes a long time to dry out. Bring as much synthetic clothing as possible. It wicks moisture away from your body & dries much quicker.

Clothing Recommendation #2 - Bring a reliable & sturdy rain suit. A good rain suit will help keep your dry, warm, & (relatively) comfortable if you get a rainy day or two.


  • Hiking Boots/Shoes

  • These should be sturdy enough to protect your ankles (especially during portages).

  • Expect to get your feet wet each & every day, so these boots/shoes should be made of material that will not retain water.

  • A 2nd pair of Footwear

  • These are for evening (or camp) wear. You will want to get out of your wet shoes every evening.

  • One pair of socks for each day canoeing - if you buy the smart wool socks or quick dry socks you can get by with drying your socks out

    each day to use over, otherwise bring enough for each day.

  • 2 Pair of Pants - quick drying material, such as Supplex or Nylon

  • 2 Long sleeve shirts - quick dry is the best to go with

  • Rain Suit - jacket w/hood & pants

  • Underwear

  • Broad-brim Hat (e.g. baseball hat)

  • Bug Jacket & Head Net

  • Swim Suit

  • Shorts

  • Short-sleeve shirts

  • Clean clothes for the trip home (leave in the car)


  • Bug Repellent (something with deet in it works best)

  • Sunglasses & sunglass cord for around your neck

  • Sunscreen, Chapstick, Hand lotion

  • Water Purifier

  • Flashlight & Batteries

  • A headlamp is highly recommended

  • Camera & Batteries

  • Toiletry Items (as odor free as possible)

  • Bar of soap for cleaning up or Wipes

  • Towel (for showering before & after trip)

  • 1-Qt Water Bottle

  • A bottle with an attached cap allows it to be looped onto the backpack

  • Hair bands, comb

  • BAG or Compression sack to put your clothes in while out on the trip

  • Pillow – small and packable

  • Clothes pins to hang up wet items

  • Caribiners heavy duty, to clip your water bottle on to your pack


Fishing/Tackle Box Ideas

  • Rod & Reel

  • Small Tackle Box no bigger than 11x7x2

  • Clipper, Hook Remover, & Stringer

  • 1⁄4-oz Jig Heads

  • Live Bait or 4" Plastics

  • Rapala's

  • Your own "special/secret" lures

  • Small bungee cords (to attach your rod to the thwarts of the canoe while portaging)


Spring or fall trips

  • Fleece jacket

  • Wool Socks

  • Long Underwear

  • Stocking Hat, gloves for sleeping with

  • Lightweight Paddling gloves (biking gloves will work too)

  • Additional "as needed" layers


  • Compass

  • Binoculars

  • Flask

  • Live Bait Container

Extra Snacks

  • Gum

  • Hard candy

  • Jerky

Remember, pack smartly - everything that you pack will be with you during the entire duration of the trip - every pound counts!

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