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Selecting Your Menu

This is one area that we do things a bit differently from others- First, we are the only outfitter that can offer you food items from the Camp Chow line. This is a local company that makes their meals without preservatives, and makes them fresh for us by the week. All the other food lines make their food months ahead of time and therefore need preservatives. On top of all that, the Camp Chow line has bigger portions with tastier ingredients. These meals cost us more, but we are proud to give you the very best meals we can.

Secondly, we customize every menu to match your preferences. We will send you a menu to pick from for starters, and then you can indicate your preferences (extra coffee, no tea, big appetites, gluten free, vegetarian, extra flavored drinks, more gorp snacks, extra fish fixuns, etc.). When you arrive here and we go over your trip plans, we will visit your menu details a second time to be sure we have everything included that you would like.

2017 Menu

Breakfast Choices

Fresh Eggs, Bacon, Cheese, English Muffin

Blueberry Pancakes, Sausage, Syrup

Oatmeal, Dried Fruit, Fresh Orange

Egg Trail Breakfast (w/sausage), Tortilla, Granola Bar

Bagels & Cream Cheese, PB&J, Granola Bar

Hudson Bay Bar, Dried Fruit

Grits w/sausage (GF), Biscuit, Dried Fruit

Breakfast Beverage Choices

Coffee (instant packets-single serving)

Decaf (instant packets–single serving)

Creamer / Sugar

Hot Cocoa

Herbal Tea

Green Tea



Lunch Choices

Summer Sausage & Cheese, Pita, Trail Mix, Cookies

Ham & Cheese, Sandwich Thin, Orange, Carrots, Ranch

Cheddar Mac & Cheese (GF,V), Beef Stick, Fruit Snacks

PB & J, Sandwich Thin, Trail Mix, Carrots, Ranch Dressing

Chicken Burrito(GF), Tortillas, Trail Mix

Tomato Grilled Cheese Soup (GF,V), Crackers, Trail Mix

Broccoli Sausage Rice Meal (cold), Trail Mix

Lunch Beverage Choices

Fruit Drink








Dinner Choices

Steak Patty, Broccoli Rice Dish, Dessert

Burger Patty, Broccoli Rice Dish, Dessert

Smoked Sausage, Potato Pancakes (GF,V), Dessert

Turkey Shepard's Pie, Dessert

Tomato Grilled Cheese Soup, Crackers, Dessert (GF,V)

Scalloped Spuds & Ham, Dessert

Beef Stroganoff with Mushrooms, Dessert

Wild Rice Casserole with Pork (GF), Dessert

Dinner Beverage Choices

Fruit Drink

Coffee (instant packets-single serving)

Decaf (instant packets-single serving)



Hot Cocoa

Herbal Tea

Green Tea

*Your food pack will already include salt & pepper, squeeze butter, spices and extra snacks

Staple Choices

Dehydrated veggies (for dinners), ketchup, mustard, shortening, fish breading, tartar sauce, onion, potatoes, honey, mayo packet, s'mores fixings.

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